A Gaming Nation was founded a couple of months after two guys met and discovered that both harbour dreams of being slightly more proactive about games.  These two fine individuals scrounged up what little money they had to put together this little website you now find yourself in. Officially launched on Oct 2012, A Gaming Nation is a casual ground for all things gaming related.

We have now shifted to weekly updates for commitment purposes, unless it happens to be news that we’re just too excited about! For everything else, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

This is a passion project so everything we do is out of our pockets and spare time, thus we’d like to thank all our readers, supporters and contributors we’ve had over the years.

WritersThe guys who started it all

Ade Putra believes that 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough. Yes, he’s one of those persons, always busy yet wondering why—an issue exacerbated by his growing gaming backlog. Ade particularly likes RPGs and games that allow him to be all sneaky. He spends the rest of his time reading, writing, riding, listening to soundtracks and fantasising about being a cyborg wizard.
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Muhd Faris is a man who aspires to be a swordsman — not just any swordsman, but a Master Swordsman whose skills are unmatchable thanks to his love on Fantasy books and games. He spends times on most type of games like Shooters to Sports but never throw him a Puzzle game, he might just flip the table in front of him. However, be careful when you are with him, he might carry his hidden blade around. He still thinks he is Garet Jax though.
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Indra Putra is an Indie Games reviewer and a writer of contemporary and fantasy short stories. He lives with his two three cats and is currently working on his short stories as well as soundtrack mixes for A Gaming Nation. His other occupations include being a male model, a rock star, a superhero, a bear wrestler, an actor and a professional gamer and he thinks that if you believe all of that you really ought to get out more.
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Sudapta Tan likes the name “Kira”, he has an imagination so vivid, he always thinks of the deepest, darkest way to eliminate all mankind. Prefers MMORPGs and MOBAs but still plays games from other genres whether single or multiplayer, mostly single player because he is forever alone.
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Julian Lee is a man passionate over games and other cool stuff. Gundams, Zoids, Digital or Analogue games, he’s done it all. Currently writing for A Gaming Nation, he hopes to share games and other interests with everyone else. Quoting C. J. Cherryh, “It is perfectly okay to write garbage — as long as you edit brilliantly.”

Heindra Aizat likes keeping a low profile (he could be behind you for all you know). Plays mostly FPS, MMO, RTS… basically anything he can get his hands on. He rarely sleeps, has mastered procrastination and loves reading Sci-Fi novels, especially Warhammer 40k. Usually daydreams about wearing a nanosuit and sporting a NERF gun or swinging his katana at imaginary would-be assassins at home.

Derrick Koh is a PC & PS3 gamer. His room is technically a gamer’s paradise, with his PS3 for exclusives, PC for multi-platform titles and his 3DS XL for his Pokémon addiction. Besides gaming, he’s either being a workaholic by teaching students IT, or is out at a bar somewhere drinking the night away.

Jake Lee is a really colorful rainbow unicorn, which gives him the name “Unijorn”. Plays almost any game on the PC as long as there is co-op; if not, he’ll just go back to his DOTA games. He is an experienced rogue so if you piss him off, he can stalk you in any way.

If you have something you’d like to contribute or have any other matter to discuss then either (A) send an email to Ade or Faris, (B) go through the contact form or (C) direct your familiar/emissary/owl to us.