I’ve never really have had much love for MMOs ever since I started playing games when I was younger. Many of the MMOs I tried playing resulted in me abandoning the game very early on. Let’s take for example, during the time when I still had to wear school uniform and constantly going to LAN shops to satisfy my need for games, I tried my hands on games like MapleStory, Cabal and Dragon Nest, just to name a few, but I’ve never really dived in as deeply as my friends did. They’ve spent countless hours grinding their characters to get the maximum gear they could ever achieved but for me, it was simply running to an area, kill monsters, get the objective and hand in the quest for rewards. It started to get stale for me after a while and eventually I stopped playing it entirely.

There were a few instances where I got myself hyped for a few titles, namely, The Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar and the results were the same, I abandoned the game quite early on. To be really honest, it was not that the games were bad but more of my love for MMOs weren’t there and I knew that this was all due to personal preferences and I absolutely don’t blame the games for not catering the things I liked more. Every single time, I started playing an MMO with a group of friends but I never failed to leave the party first.

The closest I had to having fun was TERA, it’s fast paced combat and graphics made me stay. I enjoyed the early till mid game portions. However, I did not managed to reach the end game because the quests there were, was always a mundane run here, do missions, hand in for reward kind of quests. I felt like the things I did in a game affected nothing at all and moments after that, I just uninstalled it and never looked back.


So, what made Star Wars The Old Republic special then? I hear you asking.

It’s not special at all, in fact, like every MMO (or a single player RPG game but that doesn’t count here), it has the same routine of picking up quests, go there, complete missions, return and get your reward. However, a strong point in the game which made me stayed was the fact that I could see my character grow in cutscenes. I can have a choice of either doing this or do that while interacting with NPCs and the things I did plus the choices I made have an impact on how the story goes. That is a very strong reason on why I stayed onto SWTOR for more than I usually do for MMOs because I felt that the story was good and my character had a part in it. Sure, you may argue that the were good stories in other titles but so far, none have made it as appealing as SWTOR did.


Secondly, it’s a Star Wars universe. Ever since the first time I watched the original Space Balls Star Wars trilogy, I’ve always wanted to be a part of it and maybe, just maybe, I found a solution by having my alter-ego in the universe. I play as a Sith Warrior with the Marauder specialization because dual wielding lightsabers, yes please. Other than my Sith Warrior, I am going to play the other classes on both sides (if time permits, defending the nation used up most of my time) to know and unravel the story that the good people at Bioware have carefully done. The story that they’ve created was not just a wall of text slapped on the mission quests where nobody usually reads at all but a carefully crafted cutscenes with choices the players can make.

The current version of SWTOR is easier to play for players who look like they want to start playing it compared to the past and I always find myself over leveled for the planet that my character was in but they have a solution for it. I started out as F2P player but ever since I got hooked at what was going on, I found myself paying every month and there was no regret for doing so.

Photos: Star Wars The Old Republic official website