Age of Charlemagne is a new DLC for Total War Attila where it sets in the year of 768AD. Yes, it is the Early Middle Ages where people were waiting for ever since Attila was announced. Even I got excited for the DLC itself.

The previous DLC, The Last Roman Campaign, was an excellent DLC which had a lot of replayability, story choices which affects the player’s campaign and many different ways to play a single faction. Age of Charlemagne offers none of that.

Age of Charlemagne had the Kingdoms and Duchies which we all craved for but the gameplay was severely lacking in many things and was, if I may say, boring. Unit varieties were lacking and I realized that I kept replenishing the same units over and over again until I unlocked another unit at a different tier, which took a long time to unlock in the campaign.

The biggest flaw in this DLC was the event story or missions. I played as Kingdom of Mercia and my enemies were plenty. Some of them were in the North, some in the East while the rest were deep in the South. The first and only mission I got was to conquer the British Isle and to be a Kingdom. It was nice at first but the subsequent missions were only to level up my Imperium level. After playing for hours and hours straight and managing to conquer the British Isle and the small parts of the mainland, I was done with the mission. That was it, I got a 30 turns boost, my emblem does not change, nothing in my kingdom change. It felt empty.


The AI was easy to handle, there was no real challenge in taking over regions and I saw myself occupying regions after regions until I met a real challenge with a full stack army or two to defending its last few regions. It felt a little too easy to steamroll the AI and also getting steamrolled.

The good thing about Age Of Charlemagne, was that there were more regions to conquer despite having only Europe as the campaign map.

War weariness was an interesting feature that was added into the game where it punishes players for being at war for too long or losing too many battles. This makes players think of having a swift and decisive campaign in order not to have the war weariness to go down. Although having a swift and fast campaign is good for your game, the AI made your campaigns a little bit too easy for players to conquer.

Lastly, there are a lot of buildings where players can choose from. Different buildings will have different pros and cons but it is definitely less punishing than the Vanilla version of the game.

Age of Charlemagne is a DLC which players of Total War should not buy unless it is on 80% sale. The campaign felt lacking and boring despite having a time period where many love.