Stellar Stars is the first Multiplayer Online Rogue-lite Arena (MORA) game that is being developed in this sunny hot little island. It has the the familiar feel to those who know MOBAs and Roguelike games. Players will then battle it out in a procedurally generated arenas filled with monsters, ability drops, bosses and permanent deaths.

They launched their campaign on Indiegogo where people can view the different reward tiers that are available now. You can also vote for them on Steam Greenlight to help with their campaign.

I have only played briefly during Gamestart but I have to say I was impressed for the most part. You can try the demo here if you feel like you need to try it out.

You can support and learn more about Stellar Stars on both Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight.

Photos: Stellar Stars Official Website
Video: WhiteSpongeTV YouTube Channel