Helldivers is an enjoyable game where you will learn on how to spread democracy to other planets while also having a cup of some liber-tea from Super Earth.

Helldivers is fun playing alone and it is fun playing with other people. Players can play solo on any difficulty but it is recommended that they should bring a full team into levels 6 – 12. Going solo requires stealth as you complete objectives and avoiding patrols. This is a High Risk High Reward game where going lower levels of difficulty will give you little exp and region influence.


As you rank up your Helldiver, he/she will be able to unlock more perks, cosmetics and weapons. The unique thing about this game is that, players have to conquer planets in order to receive new Stratagem. Stratagems are important tool which players will definitely need during missions. The more you unlock stratagems, the wider your variety of stratagems will be. Once you got your reward, the difficulty level will reward you with an exp boost.

Playing with a team can enhance that fun game sessions as people will constantly try to help each other or kill other teammates by accidents. Others, may just be unlucky to be standing below a drop pod dropping at supersonic speed.

Graphics in this game is not too bad although it is nothing groundbreaking. The maps you dropped into can be very hostile, especially the volcanic ones. You can drop off a cliff and die or burn to death by the volcanic eruption.

Helldivers 2

There are wide variety of enemies that can be found in the game that are spread across three different races, the Bugs, Illuminate and the Cyborg. War is ongoing day to day and there will be recaps of which regions lost or gained while you were away making money for Super Earth.

Helldivers is a very fun coop game where you definitely will spread the democracy to your friends to get the game and play together. This game is like when Starship Troopers and Magicka had a baby. It is awesome.