Rock Nano Global, a Singapore based studio, is developing a game for the PS4 called ArmaGallant. Fortunate I was, I was able to play the game during GameStart 2015. It was still in development so there were still some things that may change or have yet been implemented.

ArmaGallant is a Deck Building Card Game meets Real Time Strategy. Before matches start, players are able to choose and customize their decks however they want. There are various elements like Water, Fire, Earth, Light and Dark where players can choose to play and customize. From what I understood during the explanation given to me was that you may play as a “Dragon” Class and those Dragon type cards can be found in all the different elements and playing the same type of cards can give you some sort of an advantage. That is where players will start choosing and creating their own unique deck to play with.

Judging by my experience in Hearthstone, I was never any good at building a decent deck even with the basic cards. Lucky for me, during the event, there were already pre-made decks for me to choose from and I picked a random hero which was from the Fire Element.

I was playing against an AI and during the loading screen, I found that the map looked pretty simple and similar to many MOBA games out there. With that, there are objectives around the map which will help you win if you concentrate on those rather than trying to smash your opponents to bits and pieces.

The game was slow at first, with limited points to activate your spells or summon units and I found myself concentrating mostly on my troops to move around the map to ambush the enemy while using the trees as covers. I thought I was winning when during the mid game stage, the AI started to churn out multiple units and I found myself getting swarmed. That was when I activated spells like Meteor to give my troops an advantage in the engagements.

That was when I found myself playing in a fast paced RTS where I had to control multiple allied units that was scattered all around the map. I almost had my ass handed to me fighting against an AI while fumbling through all the controls trying my best to keep my units alive. It was then, I realized that in terms of “HP” bars at the top of my screen, I was still winning and there was one minute left before the timer runs out. I had to keep my units alive so as not to feed my opponent my HP bar.

As the timer reaches zero, I was considered as the victor against an AI.

The controls were very simple, left and right D-pad to chose your cards that you want to summon. The PS4’s Analog stick was used to move your cursor around. Hold R1 and press specified buttons to choose your group, double tap the button allows the player’s camera to shift to the selected unit quickly. Other buttons were used to give the move command and the attack command.

The controls and the game were easy to understand but I needed more time to really sink in since I am more of a Keyboard and Mouse kind of guy especially when Strategy games are concerned. I was reassured that no matter how bad your skills are with the controller, players can still win by picking the right cards at the right moment if they build a decent deck.

I will admit, I had a lot of fun playing this game and I will be keeping this game under my radar.