Have you ever wanted to play a game where it was either “you win or you die, there is no middle ground”. However, in Wongamania: Banana Economy, your lovely head will still be attached to your body while at the same time, you’d do anything to get that advantage against the others who are playing against you.

The objective of the game is simple, you stash enough money in an offshore trust fund in order to retire comfortably. It is where all your hidden loot is going to be and you can finally retire and live a comfortable life. You can also invest your income on various things like Stocks, Properties and Bonds to help you along the way. You can also manipulate government officials to tip the economy in your favour.

If that was not enough, you may go around and stab other elites (players) in the back with divorces, shotgun carrying babies, or any other life disasters that the game has provided you so. If those were still not enough to satisfy you, players can unleash the financial monsters such as Debtzilla, Inflationsaurus and Taxopus to weaken your competitors.

Wongamania not only wants people to start being an evil CEO in Evil Corp but they would also like players to learn and understand more about the economy world while playing the game. It is recommended for players ages 10 and above are able to play this game although you may play it without using some of the cards. The design of the game also looks really cute and funny, Debtzilla being my all time personal favourite monster.

If you have yet to know, Wongamania: Banana Economy is currently on Kickstarter and it needs your support to achieve their goal! A few days after the Kickstarter Campign started, the game has achieved almost half of it’s intended goal.

There are various tiers of rewards you can get by pledging your support. You can find out more about the different reward tiers on their Kickstarter Campaign page and support them before the campaign ends!

Photos: Wongamania official website