Last week I ran into a Kotaku article by Patrick Klepek talking about a free indie horror game. Now you should know that I avoid horror in all forms as far possible, therefore it should come as a surprise that I’m actually recommending The Night That Speaks by Adam Gryu; not because it’s the next Amnesia but simply for the fact you can tell ghosts to fuck off.

Hold up just a minute, I can hear you say. Isn’t this one of them YouTube bait nonsense?

You could say so but I’d argue the game is more parody than bandwagon; he may even be taking the piss on low-effort horror games. There are no recycled assets, no cheap jump scares, and most of all no price tags. That last bit alone would put a fair number of junk on Steam to shame. Then again do junk have feelings? I wonder what they dream of.


Dammit. No Force Lightning.

The Night That Speaks wears its Slenderman inspirations proudly, from the low-resolution assets and nauseatingly green palette to the bits of notes scattered indoors, in this case a church for bonus impropriety.

All you’ll need are your navigation keys and the magical Z key. Depress it and witness the strongest manifestation of your will take shape in the form of a middle finger, channeling all of your being into this gesture to “solve problems.”

Now imagine if that worked in real life as well.

You too can flip off the supernatural in The Night That Speaks (Mac & Windows)!

The other reason I’m sharing this is so you’d have an excuse to check out the rest of Adam Gryu’s work, all of which look interesting in their own right.

Thanks, Kotaku!