Remember that time when you were attacked by pirates on the boat? Remember that time when a section of the ridiculously long train got blown off? Remember that bar fight we had with the locals? These were a few of the many memorable moments from Uncharted series and The Nathan Drake Collection made it better.

For the benefit of those who have never played the Uncharted series before. You play as Nathan Drake, a thief and a treasure hunter who occasionally runs into big troubles and solving one problem at a time. You will be going around the world from lush green forests to cold, snow covered mountains and even to the hot desert entering ancient ruins, solving puzzles and explore around just to get the treasure before his enemy got to it first.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was the one benefiting the most out of this remastered version compared to the other two. Many might notice the difference in frame rate since the game was still rough around the edges in the PS3 version. Most of the time, the game runs at a smooth 60fps with minor dips during those demanding sequences in all three games. Facial features of each characters looked more believable now compared to the previous version.

Speaking of characters, it’s easy to see why this popular series became one of people’s favorite game on the Playstation. Nathan Drake, Chloe, Elena, Sullivan (my personal favorite) and many others gave life to the game with its humorous jokes and story telling.

Many of the environment details were improved a lot adding additional textures on somewhat plain flat looking piece of blob on an object. The game looks sharper and a little more vibrant than it used to be thanks to improved lighting.

Re-charting the Uncharted series brought back many memories I thought lost together with my dead PS3. Especially the level in the German Bunker back in Drake’s Fortune, that part still gives me the creep.

One thing about the Uncharted series was that the whole game felt like I was watching a movie while playing as the main character. The Nathan Drake Collection was just like that except that it was the better looking version of it. The game was pretty linear, run from this cover to that cover or climb from here to there but there was never a dull moment throughout the whole series. Climbing, that is what you will do most of the game and at one point I start to nod in agreement with Nate when he said he was “sick and tired of climbing”.

Still, things might get frustrating as controlling Nathan Drake can feel a little bit ‘off’ at times. One of the better, memorable moments was when my character would rather fall to his death than catching the beam directly below. Other times, controlling Nate can be a little bit clunky as he decides to take cover at the wrong side of a wall which led to his pumping more bullets in him and the screen turns grey. Even with this slight frustrations in the game, I still wanted to continue and complete this interactive movie because I know that there’s always something more to discover if I keep moving forward.

Finally, I would love to say for those Uncharted fans, this remastered is a must buy for the Playstation 4. Many of the things in the game have been improved and who knows, you might unlock more secrets here.