Stifled is a horror game developed by a local studio called Gattai Games. I managed to jump in and play during Gamestart and what I experienced was amazing.

The game started with sound effects that I imagined was a car crash somewhere in the dark woods. Your stolen car was on fire and you had to look around at what was going on. I found a glass bottle on the floor and picked it up. Walking further away from the crash only darkens your vision until you cannot see anything at all. It was pitch black. I tried throwing the glass bottle far away and it created a lot of noise which gave me vision of what was ahead.

In all that darkness, every step I took gave out a sound wave which acts as your guide through your way. You can see outlines of trees, rocks and water but you can never be sure what was on it. I kept moving forward trying to find some place safe where I can put my mind at ease. Next thing I knew, I came across a small building deep in the woods.

Reluctantly, I entered the place and soon realized that my steps were making too much noise. That was when a loud sound echoed through the sewers and I realized I was not alone. I tried crouching to lessen the noise so as not to get caught by whatever’s there. I tried crossing a narrow bridge expecting something to jump scare me. Instead, the bridge fell and made such a deafening noise which attracted the “ghost” (as I would call it) towards my position. I panicked and started running away but it was futile as my character died.

The game have you exploring the area a lot trying to find clues and items which can help you create distractions to give room to maneuver around while avoiding the ghost. The developers also shared that having a microphone is like adding extra difficulty to the game, you cannot make noise through the mic or the ghost will hear you and try to destroy you.

Stifled 3

Stifled is a spiritual successor to an award winning student game that was developed at Digipen called Lurking. The game is one of the most innovating and rewarding experience I ever had in Gamestart which definitely captured my attention for it. Now I cannot wait, thanks guys.

Video of Lurking

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