On the 13th to the 15th of November, Gamestart 2015 event that many people were waiting for, finally opened its doors to gamers that were eager to try and discover new games that were available. Especially the Playstation VR. Many things in the event had improved compared to last year and I was honestly impressed at the sheer size and amount of games available.


The Pros

I remember last year, Gamestart 2014 was smaller and we had to squeeze through to get from one place to another. This year was definitely improved, with a bigger hall, it gave us an easier time to move around and it also adds a lot of space for additional game booths to be set up, which also meant less waiting time.

As promised, there were a ton of games to be found in Gamestart 2015. Ranging from analogue games to the digital ones, there were plenty to play and try out. It literally took me a whole day to queue and play most games while also talking to some interesting game developers.

Speaking of game developers, Singapore based studios can finally be found in the middle of the hall unlike last year where the indies were cramped up in the corner where they were overshadowed by bigger titles like Evolve. It was nice to see that the indie developers were more exposed with people lining up to play games made by them. I’ve personally met almost all of the indie developers who were still working on their title or have already released theirs for the SG50. Not to mention, my former polytechnic lecturer is now a game developer of his own company which I will cover in the coming days.

The main stage had interesting programs like Rainbow Six: Siege Showmatch between NUT (No Use Talking) and HBS (HontoniBuaySai). It was interesting to see how these local players got together and worked as a team to try and eliminate the other team while using different tactics available in the game.


The Cons

There was the main stage and there was also the Playstation stage right beside it. While it gives people easy access to just turn their heads and look at what was happening on the side, I found myself hardly listening to whatever the presenter was saying because his voice was drowned by the noise coming from the other stage.

There was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Disappointingly, it was a booth with only seats and a large screen showing off videos of the game. That was it. Nobody to present the game, no booth to try out the game, nothing. Now that is what I call a wasted space. At least I could sit down and shake off the fatigue before going for another round around the hall.

There’s no Overwatch over at the Blizzard Entertainment’s booth. Now that made me sad.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, Gamestart 2015 was what I thought it would be, an amazing convention. It has done most things right and I definitely look forward to next year’s event. Hopefully Microsoft and Nintendo can join in the fun as well.

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Photos: A Gaming Nation Facebook Page
Video: OMGeek YouTube Channel