It was Halloween, while many kids in this tiny island don’t go trick or treating, most adults went to their Halloween Horror Nights at the famous Universal Studios. Me? I was busy building a community in a zombie apocalypse.

Since I partly wanted to smash some zombie heads, I thought I would play State of Decay again. SoD is pretty unique than most of the other zombiefied games out there because it lets you build a community from scratch and not being a puppet who keeps running around doing people’s errands constantly (looking at you Dying Light). In the original SoD, you start the game with almost nothing, to get a gun, you need to scavenge at the right place to get it. However, in SoD: Lifeline, they just give it to you in the supply locker. There were tons of military grade rifles and ammunition at your disposal. Ammunition felt less precious than it did in the original game and there was a real good reason behind it.

In SoD:Lifeline, there were sieges after a certain amount of time. These sieges will have all these zombies and freaks swarming your safe haven bent on eating your face. There are two entrances to your safe haven and these zombies will do anything to destroy your gates or climb over the fence just to gain entry. That is where the player comes in and lands headshots after headshots to thin the herd using the guns available.

I admit, I lost some of these characters during sieges because I was not able to save them in time and I felt a sense of lost in this game because I worked so hard to improve a character in your not-so-safe haven but he/she ended up dying anyway. All that time improving a character lost just like that. Once the character is gone, he is forever gone.

Also, the sieges gets harder and harder consistently. In between the sieges, you do your best to complete missions and scavenge for supplies but with the threat level rising after a certain amount of time, I can’t help but felt restricted just a little bit. However, that is the beauty of the game, you just don’t have the whole day to loot all of the buildings in the map.

A little too much eye shadow don't you think?

A little too much eye shadow don’t you think?

SoD: Lifeline features a new map set in Danforth. There are a lot more buildings compared the original map where towns and building were spread out far apart. New vehicles were available as well. The player can also give out orders to thin out the herd or scavenge supplies in the ops room where thinning the herd means more time for the player before the next siege arrives while the other is self explanatory.

State Of Decay is a fun game where people play as survivors struggling to band together to build a community. With the Halloween sale still going on, I would recommend the Year One Survival Edition where there are improved graphics and many more.