The First Contact Trailer gives an in-depth detail in the world of The Technomancer which is located in a post-apocalyptic world of Mars after it has been disconnected from Earth for 120 years.

Zachiriah, the main protagonist, will have three distinct fighting stances, Warrior, Rogue and Guardian (no, not the one from destiny). Each of the combat styles can be imbued with electrical Technomancer powers, buffing their damage, as well as Zachariah being able to directly use his skills in battle, electrocuting, knocking out in stealth, and pounding back his foes on the Red Planet.

In the video, you will see the protagonist exploring and fighting throughout various environments where different enemies from different clans with different cultures clashing on this harsh world.

You’ll also get to bring along companions on your quests and interact with them. You can even strengthen that relationships with them and also have romance. It sounds much like Mass Effect but more melee focused on combat.

The game sounds pretty awesome and it will land on the PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year.