Note: This was supposed to be reviewed a while back but since my HDD was spoiling, I had to wait till I get it fixed to review this game.

Honestly, people would still have trust issues with Creative Assembly after the fail of Rome (fall of Rome, get it? no? alright). I know I did when I saw Attila’s trailer and went, “oh my god, not another ‘stand alone dlc’ now. I need my Medieval 3 already.”

Total War Attila is what Total War Rome II could have been. It is a way more challenging game with smarter AI and lesser bugs than there were in Rome II’s launch. Remember when Rome II was having a lot of funny stuff going on around?

However, we’re here to talk about Attila, not Rome II, and there wasn’t anything that I experienced so far throughout my whole game play. That is a big improvement from the dark days of Rome II. At least it’s playable after thousands of patches applied on it.

This game takes you on a journey from the time of petty wars till the birth of Attila and till he becomes the man with the intent on killing us all. All.

Total War Attila throws you back into the familiar Western European setting to the far reaches of the Eastern Empires. Here, you can play as the Barbarian, Huns, Nomads, Vikings (DLC) or the declining Roman Empire. To be able to play as the Western Empire is absolutely crazy, every faction is angry at you, you also have an ally to cover your back but other than that, he does nothing helpful for you, everyone wants to take a piece of your rotting empire and you do not have the economics to support your wars. Still, having to play as the Western Empire is super fun until your capital gets occupied by the barbarians, that was when I restarted and played as the Eastern Roman Empire before jumping back and forth between my Saxon kingdom and Rome.

Rome Map

I was still the economic powerhouse of the Eastern Empire while my ally falls into pieces


Graphics is one thing but gameplay is another. In Total War Attila, the AI is smart, they do not rush for battle as much as they do in Rome II. Only when there is an opportunity to win, then the AI will try to exploit it. In most cases, trying to auto-battle out of this situation will make you lose severely even if your chances of winning were around 60% or 70% judging by the bar. Sometimes, receiving a defeat even though your army overwhelms the enemy can be heartbreaking and I just cool myself off by saying that maybe there is a Dynasty Warrior in their ranks that killed thousands of my men. Many times have I pressed auto battle because there wasn’t any point fighting a 400 men garrison when I had an army of more than 2000 men and the results I got mostly were Defeat, a very bad defeat. Sometimes, these kind of results made me quit the game entirely out of frustration only to restart the turn and manually fight the battle. That is one of the most irritating problem I had with this game so far.



In battles, AI was smart to utilize different tactics on approaching your army. This gives a very good feeling of satisfaction whenever you win a large scale battle or even sieges. Sieges are a lot more challenging and satisfying than in Rome II.

The nomads are an interesting bunch. I’ve yet to pump in time on that faction but you can see them usually camping near your settlement and that makes you feel threatened.

All in all, Total War Attila is amazing although I would not recommend you getting it now at full price. I suggest you pick it up during a sale together with all the DLCs that may come out in the future and the full price of the game now will be the price of Attila plus the DLCs. Trust me, just hold onto your money before getting this game with DLCs, I sense a lot are coming in the years to come before Total War: Warhammer is released.

Valiant Defeat but it's alright, we'll fight another day Huns

Valiant Defeat but it’s alright, we’ll fight another day Huns