The multiplayer online battle arena genre has seen all manner of incarnations these past few years but we’ve never imagined there would be one for mobile devices too. Texas-based indie developer Spacetime Studios are in the midst of bringing us just that: a real-time MOBA by the name of Call of Champions.

Many developers have stepped forward with their streamlined versions of a MOBA, making for shorter and focused experiences. Spacetime Studios are taking the same approach for Call of Champions, except they’ve managed to cut matches down to a mere five minutes.

“We’ve distilled the MOBA to its core components by removing things like item shops, minions, and jungles and adding powerups, a five-minute clock, and a full suite of crazy abilities at your fingertips,” explained CEO Gary Gattis in a press release. “Add on deep social layers like friends, teams, and broadcast/spectator modes, and there is nothing like it on mobile.”

Completely removing minions takes away one of the genre’s most identifiable traits, although it’s certainly understandable given the short timeframe players have. Compared to its PC peers, the whole prospect sounds a lot more gladiatorial, where the victor would more or less be decided in those opening skirmishes.

Despite the shift in platform and gameplay, however, Call of Champions aims to be competitive. They’ve kept the idea of a progression system, providing customization options to tinker with in-between matches. Social tools and the ability to form persistent teams helps emphasize the importance of teamwork, while leaderboards and ongoing tournaments ensures the player-base stays fired up.

There’s just one problem I see in all this. A real-time game demands for a strong network connection, and playing on-the-go just doesn’t sound like a great idea.

Feel free to check on and rate the different heroes at their official website.

Call of Champions is scheduled to release in 2015 for iOS and Android devices.

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