I say nearly because only the Xbox 360 has been left in the dark—is the end for the big green box nigh?

In any case, Dan Marshall of Size Five Games has announced a partnership with Curve Digital to bring us The Swindle. Curve will be responsible for porting and publishing the console versions, leaving Marshall free to focus on the PC code until its release “early summerish” this year. Hopefully.

The Swindle is officially described as “a mixture of platform, action and stealth gameplay” though I prefer “Steampunk Cybercrime Caper” instead. As you can probably guess, players take control of a thief sneaking about and swiping cash from unsuspecting buildings. There will be hacking, there will be alarms, and there will be breaking glass; also mad dashes for the level’s exit.

Marshall is promising a gameplay video soon so we’ll just have to take a second gander at last year’s trailer:

Plenty of nods to other indie games there and I couldn’t be happier.

The Swindle has come a long way after it got canned in 2011. Rebuilding from the ground up—while developing Gun Monkeys, no less—has allowed Marshall to present us with what appears to be his most polished game. As someone who’s been following his work since Ben There, Dan That! it’s kind of warm, fuzzy feeling.

So that’s that then. Keep a lens out for The Swindle, out later this year for Windows PC, PlayStation Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

[Source: Size Five Games, Press Release]