Ever wanted to play a game where you can either solo, or play as a team and still get the same fun? Well, fret no more. Evolve is here to satisfy that craving. From the makers of the Left 4 Dead series comes another game that features an apocalyptic world overrun by monsters. Evolve features a 4v1 gameplay whereby 4 players will join forces as hunters while the other 1 will play as the monster. So the game splits into both first person and third person depending whether you are the hunter or the monster.

There are 4 classes as a hunter, so each player gets a different role which would explain the impeccable teamwork that you would have to demonstrate in order to take down the monster. Each player is equipped with a jetpack that helps you to reach unreachable terrains. However it runs on fuel and gets used up very quickly. But just leave it for a while and it would recharge.

Evolve 1

If you are the assault, you may have already guessed it; you are the damage dealer in the squad. Your weapons are designed to deal as much damage as possible and you have a self protection mechanism so you are able to fight on the front line.

The trapper is equipped with equipments to track down the monster, and trap it by using harpoons and creating an arena that will limit its movement. Do take note that the arena allows you to go in, but prevents you from escaping whether you are a hunter or a monster.

The medic both heals the hunters and helps to buff them, for example, the first playable medic is equipped with a sniper rifle that when fired at a monster, reveals its weak spots to the other hunters. Hunters that attack that weak spot will deal more damage.

Finally, there is the support. Supports… well… they support the team of course. With a shield projector and a cloaking mechanism, this helps hunter stay out of trouble if they have low hp and need to run.

Then there are the monsters. If you are the monster, your objectives are 3 things: eat, don’t get caught and when you eat enough, turn the tides and unleash hell on the hunters. There are 3 stages that you have to achieve but most of the time; stage 2 would be quite enough if you are very skilled. Currently, there are 3 playable monsters, Goliath, Kraken and Wraith (Kraken and Wraith has to be unlocked but you do not need money to do that). A 4th monster, known as the Behemoth, but it has to be purchased through the store if you did not pre-purchase it. Monsters are given different abilities and while some can jump, others can fly or teleport.

Evolve 2

Now let’s talk about the things that were done well and the things that did not go so well during the release.

1. Before the release, 2kgames released an app on the smartphone called Evolve: Hunter’s Quest. This app can be used to boost up hunters so that it would be easier to upgrade their hunters in the real game and unlock new classes of hunters as well. This app was created as many players complained that the hunters were always at a disadvantage during the Alpha and Beta test as the monsters were always very overpowering. Thus, it helped to level the playing field among the monster and hunters or so we thought… The app ended up boosting the hunters a tad too much, and players who used goliath ended up losing most of their matches – or they could be just too noob and easy to find.

2. The next thing about evolve are its servers. You can play with other players across the globe and never have to worry about you experiencing spikes, delays or any lag. Servers like that are very difficult to maintain, thus a job well done!

3. The third thing that is worth noticing is that tutorials are given for new players to get used to the game. For players that have done the tutorial in the Alpha and Beta can actually skip this unless they want to unlock the medals that are given after completing the tutorial under a time limit. However, the tutorial is only for the first playable character of the assault class and Goliath, the first playable monster. I feel injustice for the players that have to learn on their own how to use the trapper, medic and support or even Kraken and Wraith as they take more skill and time to master. I think that there should be a tutorial for every playable character but made optional so that players can do it if they want or vice versa.

Evolve 3

4. There is replayability. The number of times you want to play this is limited to the players and strategies that you come up with, which is limitless. Different players will come up with different strategies that can amaze and make the match interesting.

5. This is a very bad point that should be changed. I believe that many of you have noticed that sometimes when you undergo matchmaking, you get thrown into random ongoing games and your hp may have already dropped or you may have already been incapitated which actually would affect your ranking scores at the end of the day. Similar for the monsters whereby some games has the monster at a quarter of its hp left when you enter the game. Furthermore, if you leave that game, you would have to wait 1 minute before you can start queuing for another game. Personally, I feel that this is unfair as the players are not able to overcome the gap that has been set by the previous player. It’s like we are answering for other’s mistakes. I believe that this should be changed in the game so that players would want to continue playing.

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