Dying Light is not a masterpiece and it is definitely not a disappointment either. Dying Light is a fun game to play.

This game have beautiful, well made environments, graphics and lighting. Even in the lowest setting, the game shows no big difference in the graphics but it does cause some drops in frame rate while running in certain areas probably because of the foliage, view distance and a few other factors. Harran, the name of the place, felt like a vibrant city filled with creatures trying to eat your face at every turn. Even though players may need to keep passing by the same areas a few times, there will always be loot for players to take and sell/craft/do something else and will never get tired of doing so.

This is set with the lowest settings

This is set with the lowest settings

This is set with the max settings

This is set with the max settings

Players started out as a prey. Scared and vulnerable within the infected streets. However, as you level up and find better weapons, you will easily trek through the map without having too much difficulty even at night. Dying Light is fun as a single player game but, like most games, playing together with your friends or other people in a coop match is more fun. Players will have others to cover them as they pick the locks or just having fun slicing through the horde. While in Co-op mode, I have yet to find any fault that may interrupt the online connectivity, it was pretty smooth so far. Still, things can get rough once the zombies start to overwhelm the players from every corner.

Movement felt awesome and smooth throughout the whole time I played this game. Running around, jumping from one building to another was fun and intense at the same time. In this game, height is your friend since most zombies will not be able to climb to where you are.

Sadly, there are always flaws to found in a video game even if it is not too bad.

The game had a few game breaking bugs/glitches and in my experience, these were mostly done while climbing the antennas or jumping from high places. My character would be stuck on a ladder while “swimming” in the air. Even better would be jumping from a very high cliff and using the grappling hook hooking onto a roof but I ended up getting myself stuck on the fence.

There aren’t a lot of variations of zombie’s looks. It seemed like they actually bought their clothes from the same store and they always look alike, pale and bald. I wonder if they were all from the same family.


Story was rather predictable and boring. The main character, Kyle Crane, was never an interesting character for me. The supporting NPCs looked so cool and had a lot of potential but they turned out to be almost as boring as the main character himself. Some quests were definitely fun while others were the same old grab-and-go. The quest story always go like this: “I can make a grand airplane and it is near completion but I need you to grab the parts where it can be found in these areas which I somehow know.”

However, Dying Light is still a worthy game to buy and play together with your friends since this game can take more than 25+ hours to complete.