You know how people like to say that Games is not all about graphics. Remember those games that have choices actually affect you and the game itself that it matters so much to the players.

Mecha Ace is that game. Without any graphics to appeal to your eyes except a bomb of words, you have to rely on your power of imagination. Like many games from Choice Of Games, Mecha Ace is a Text Based Adventure Game where choices matter with different consequences and endings. So far, I have played this game three times over with different sets of choices and it has satisfied my curiosity of “what if I do this instead of the other”.

For some who do not know, Text Based Adventure Game is a game where the player reads a story and choose one of the choices presented to you. Depending on your own choice, different events happen and another part of the story is unlocked.

The author of this game is Paul Wang and this person has done an excellent job of describing the world, people and the mechs themselves although not as detailed as I would have liked it to be.

Mecha Ace 4

Mecha Ace puts you in a shoe of a pilot of a mech who is in charge of this unit called the Lance. You create the character of your choice, weapon of choice, weakness and more. Throughout the game, you have to make decisions that can affect certain characters in the game and best of all, you can actually romance the NPCs.

Choice of Games actually has a lot of Text Based Adventure game that they have published on Steam, online and handhelds. If you want to play a game that is solely focused on the story and requires no effort on your part except decision making, reading and imagination, then, I highly suggest you buy this game. If you are still curious about this game, CoG has put up a demo on their site for you to try for free!

If you are a writer and wants to try a hand at writing a Text Based Adventure game, Choice of Games are welcoming people like you.

Played in on my own Android Devices and a personal copy of the game was used for this review.