It has been long since I was away and boy oh boy am I glad to be back here doing what I love to do. Due to some personal issues, this post was delayed for very long and I apologize for that.

Dragon Age Inquisition is actually the sequel that all of us fans have been waiting for. While it may not be the perfect game with its fair share of flaws, it still brings fun and joy to gamers like myself.

In Dragon Age Inquisition, the world of Thedas is huge and can take hours to fully explore (while doing quests here and there) the map one by one even if it is not the major areas. In all honesty, I spent about 10 hours exploring and completing quests in the Hinterlands while constantly going back to Haven to check up on things. While it took me about 10 hours to ‘complete’ Hinterlands, it took me another 3-6 hours each to explore the other areas in Thedas at my own pace.

The environments that was scattered all throughout Thedas were beautifully created and never once I felt tired of running around exploring places, fight enemies and dying.

Combat in this game is a mixture of mostly Dragon Age II and a little bit of Dragon Age Origins. If people were to try and play Normal or Casual, then, there is no worry for not using the tactical camera. However, the higher difficulty made it feel more involved in the combat because you had to constantly monitor the party members and issuing orders for them to do in combat. The AI controlling the party members wasn’t as effective as I hope it would be.


Characters in Bioware games have always been the highlight. Each and every character you meet will either make you love them or hate them. You will feel attached to them. Example like Varric, after this certain sad event where you will need to choose, his character card will change into a deep, saddening picture which somehow will affect you and make you want to at least do something to help. This is why I love playing Bioware’s games.

Story in this game was good but not as good as Mass Effect 2/3. The story in the game felt too smooth and a little bit predictable, if only there were a little more plot twist. The thing that caught me good was the ending though. I’m not going to spoil it but you can spoil it for yourself by playing the game or by any other legal means. Anyway, after completing the game for about nearly 60+ hours on my first playthrough, it left me more questions of what is going to come next.

Dragon Age Inquisition could have been almost perfect if it is not for its game breaking bugs. One example is Sera’s mission (note, it may or may not happen on your side of things) where we head to Crestwood for our bounty but after doing the quest, it just stops there with no completion notice or whatsoever. What’s worse was that I could not go back to Skyhold through the World Map function which resulted in me reloading the game again after spending a good 1 – 2 hours exploring every nook and cranny of the area.


Another complain I had was the boring sidequests that I received. At first, in Hinterlands, I was happy to help finish the sidequests which I thought was interesting, after that, it repeats for the next few areas and I got tired of the same old quests with different items slapped on it. Come on, a soldier trying to quest me, an Inquisitor, into finding 5 irons which is located right beside the camp? Really? Most of them were boring to do and not worth your time.

Multiplayer is best if you played it in short bursts. It is not the best section of the game, which I was hoping it was, because after a while, you will feel tired playing the same map over and over again just with different enemies. Why do you have Platinum in game again?

Still, in all honesty, I actually say that Dragon Age Inquisition can be my favourite RPG of this year thanks to its content and living up to fans dreams for Dragon Age Inquisition.

Note to Bioware: Just try not to screw up Mass Effect 4 pretty please?