Today’s crowdfunding spotlight has got to be Override because let’s face it, the idea behind it will always be fascinating. A team working together to operate a single machine is by no means a new concept – take Guns of Icarus Online for example – although said machine being a giant mecha definitely is.

Pilot a physics-driven massive robot in a destructible sandbox city, take full control by yourself or with up to 4 players!



Players control one of Watchbot’s limbs – or the entire mech if playing alone – and are tasked with serving Risar City in whatever way citizens deem fit. This can range from fighting invading mechanical aliens to saving kittens stuck in trees. While the controls don’t seem as extreme as Surgeon Simulator or one of the (excessively) many physics games, it does exhibit the awkward animations one comes to expect, and that’s okay as Override isn’t billing itself as a serious game. Thankfully it’s not exactly YouTube bait either, so we’re getting a nice compromise between worlds.

This being a sandbox game there’s no campaign to speak of but the city’s The Bot Watch will supposedly have no shortage of tasks for you to complete. Apparently your actions can affect the populace too, so it won’t be long before the citizens start minding your trail of wreckage, though it doesn’t specify just what the consequences are – I’m hoping for a military uprising.

The Balance Inc. are asking for USD 98,000 in their Kickstarter campaign, primarily to aid the self-funded staff’s daily expenses (a whopping 43% will go to Brazil’s exorbitant taxes). Their schedule so far puts the Alpha in March 2015, the Beta in June and the full release in October. They’ve got more features planned post-release, notably online multiplayer to support two mechs in a single map, but what matters most is whether they can deliver.

While this isn’t the first game the studio has put out so far, this technically seems to be their most challenging yet. They’re aware of the risks inherent in such a project, particularly running out of money, but they’re assuring backers they’ll do what it takes to get the game finished.

I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. As much as I adore the concept I’m a little worried Override will pass off as nothing more than a physics fad, doomed to a short lifespan. There’s plenty of potential here for it to be a party game staple, so I hope the developers manage to find the right balance between silly and engaging.

Head on over to the Override Kickstarter page and see things for yourself. Does anybody else wish they made it like one of those Power Rangers combined mechs?