When this game was first announced, many thought of the game to be a westernized Dark Souls and I do not blame them for it since the combat and controls were actually familiar to those who actually play the Souls series.

However, let’s not take a look at this game as another Dark Souls but as LOTF itself. The graphics in this game were pretty neat and environments were well detailed. The game colors itself in the dark grey-ish theme that was covered by snow which actually gets boring after pumping in around 4 hours into the game. Indoors, you can find out secret rooms where you can bash yourself through and receive great rewards from chests.


Loot in this game feels very slow to get but sometimes, rewarding. Sure, each level contains new weapons to grab but it is very limited. Luckily for us, we can actually mix and match the armors that we receive even if it is just for cosmetic rather than stats. I was pretty impressed by the look of the armors that the developers actually created. It felt really cool no matter how many times I take a look at it.

Like I said about combat, people who are familiar with the Souls series may find the controls easy to grasp. Combat was all about timing. You can never actually mash your attack button hoping to kill it quickly. Well, maybe for the weak monsters it can be done but not for the elites and bosses.

The Bosses in this game were pretty neat, once they lose a health bar, their patterns will start to change and your tactics of approaching it needs to improvise. While these are welcomed, the bosses felt more like a normal monster with a larger health pool. The patterns were so easy to read that you will counter it for like, I don’t know, a gabajillion times? Most of them can actually be killed within your first encounter without dying once and that was a little bit disappointing, at least for me.


Story in this game wasn’t the strongest element at all. You actually have this criminal who was chosen to save the world while every other human you encounter will hate you for your crimes and they are a bunch of ****s that do not appreciate the work you had done. It was rather predictable in all honesty.

Should you buy the game? I suggest holding on to your money till this game goes beyond a 50% discount, then, I would actually recommend you buying it.