The last time I actually had fun playing Call Of Duty was CoD: Black Ops and that was it. Pretty much touched and go (thank you Steam’s free weekends) with the few installments after Call Of Duty: Body Odor Call Of Duty: Black Ops since I did not find it fun at all. Till this.

Story in this game was pretty much transparent and you may have guessed what would happen next. The whole campaign was mostly shoot, shoot, shoot and finally cut scene. Although, there were parts that required you to go stealth for awhile before escalating to more shooting. However, what makes it different a little bit from previous installments were the cut scenes. Cut scenes in the game looked more beautiful now and it was something that you won’t mind watching it over and over. The campaign felt more like you are going through a personal story rather than a mission briefing. The whole run of the campaign can take you around 6 hours to complete, that is rather standard for a CoD game.

Get Ready For Papa

One big difference between Advanced Warfare and Ghosts (for example) was the graphics. I am playing on the PC and recently, before the launch of AW, I got myself a copy of Ghosts just to do a little comparison between these 2 games. While they may be 1 year apart from each other’s release, AW definitely was definitely way better than Ghosts. While it does not have the best graphics this year, it was still a level on top compared to previous games.

Multiplayer in AW still feels like any other CoD just with a little twist, exo suits. Rather than just running around the map, you can now boost yourself up to the roof of a short building and start mowing down potential victims. This opens up tons of opportunities for each and every map that you play in. People may have compared this game to other games like Titanfall. Well, I would say that it wouldn’t be their fault for comparing since it looks similar but in reality, this game feels exactly like any other CoD games.

COD:AW Multiplayer

Customization in this game was one of the parts that I actually spent a lot of time on besides playing in the matches. Right at the start, you can customize your operator however you want him/her to look like. You will unlock more customization by receiving supply drops as one of the ways and the loot may sometimes be time limited or permanent. Something cool that was added on was that you can now edit your score streaks with additional perks at the cost of additional points.

In conclusion, Advanced Warfare is something worth buying compared to its previous installments like Modern Warfare 3 which I think was a big waste of money. Really, you should at least try this game and reignite your love for CoD.