Dark Souls 2 is like a charming sly fox where it actually attracts you in to make you play the game only to keep on dying over and over again. I know that this game is quite recent, but to those who have yet to try the game, I really suggest you do because I am going to explain why its awesome.

Dark Souls 2 may have good graphics but not to the details of Final Fantasy 13. However, the atmosphere that Dark Souls 2 gives in its environments were pretty neat. Imagine running around in the castle and thinking every enemy is going to be okay but it happens so that all the guards were not mere skeletons but big dudes who look really intimidating.

PC may not have Monster Hunter games to play but I assure the enemies and monsters in here are at least your size, if not bigger. This game is challenging and that is a good thing. You keep on failing and you are going to get health penalties so on and so forth. So why is it good? The more you play, the better you will get going against the enemies, in other words, you learn.

Well, other than that, I have already written about Dark Souls 2 and this is a game where you should not let it collect virtual dust. Shame on you. I’m just kidding with you :D