Finally, I managed to get my hands on Evolve in Gamestart. Played this game 3 times despite having the queue waiting time reaching a maximum of 2 hours. It was actually worth the wait since I was going to play with my other 4 friends.

As a monster, you have a few advantages like being hard to kill, the ability to evolve after feeding and a very painful damage. As a monster, you can easily beat the s*** out of the hunters if they were ever caught alone. Level 1 you are pretty weak but within the next 2 levels, the hunters are going to be the hunted.

Playing as the hunters also have its perks, you are not alone but you are significantly weaker than the monster. You can be incapacitated within 2 hits of the monster’s power. As a team, you are unbeatable. When every player do their part for the team, you are as strong as the monster.

Also, this game have awesome graphics. Enough said.

This game will be in Closed Beta pretty soon so you should look out for it and enjoy the game while you can!