Firstly, I would like to apologize for not updating for the past week since I was not in the best of conditions to write articles properly. However, enjoy reading my delayed Watch Dogs Review. :D

Watch Dogs built a lot of hype when it was first shown in E3 and it has kept me on edge of my seat for about more than a year already. However, did it deliver as well as I anticipated?

Yes on a certain level and no on a certain part.

As an open world game, Watch Dogs has this perfect feel and vibrant environments. NPCs does not feel like NPCs anymore but they were more human in most kind of games that I have played. They react accordingly to your actions and the background of each and every NPCs. Oh, the simple tap on the ‘square’ button and informations start flying to your screen.

Watch Dogs is a beautiful game. From environments to graphics, this game was quite demanding for the PC but was pretty smooth for the other platforms. Graphics and physics in this game is fantastic, although it may not be as pretty as the trailers, still, wow.

Story in Watch Dogs was simple and normal at best. It is something that you know what to expect next in the story. Still, at least it was not a bore like the other large open world game that came out only for consoles.

Bugs in this game can be hilarious at times. For example, you are in a boat and driving with a passenger inside, the guy just….. die….. yes. Dead. Not only that, there were a few times that I could not hack into a person who was in my line of sight and infront of me. These were the few bugs that interrupted the joy I had playing Watch Dogs.

Another complain I wanted to bring up was that the hacking in this game was too simple. It was just a push of a button and you can hack into a security system. I was longing for a little bit more challenge if we were to hack into a security camera and what not. If only it was that, then, the game would have been perfect.

Watch Dogs is a must buy game for all gamers out there, the game itself is fun and exploration in this game can take quite a while to complete it.

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A personal copy was used for this review