Well, Splinter Cell: Blacklist was on sale for USD$7 during the Steam Summer sale. It is a game where you have to buy it with a friend to actually experience the whole awesome game.

Graphics in this game is fantastic and even in its lowest setting, the game looks beautiful. Environments vary for almost every mission and the objectives changes too.

Gameplay is also awesome. There are 3 different ways you can play this game, either by going loud, go stealth and take down all the guards or lastly, go through all areas unnoticed. The last one can be a little challenging for a noob like me in Splinter Cell. Still, going stealth has been the most enjoyable. Whenever I got spotted and the enemy started shooting, I would restart my mission just to do it right the next time. Playing with a friend can give you a bonus too during the coop missions.

That is where the problem comes in. While everything seems to be good and all with the game emphasizing on playing coop, the connection issues is a total piece of garbage. One can never truly connect to a friend by using the Uplay service alone. Considering that I just got this game and the issue still stands shows that Ubisoft has not been responding well to these issues. I am just hoping that this issue can be fixed before Assassin’s Creed Unity is out.

To connect and play with a friend, you have to use Tunngle to solve the issue and so far, I have been hooked to playing this game.

Despite the major connection issue, the game by itself is quite awesome and I would suggest you picking this up while the Steam’s Summer Sale is still on!