Romans In My Carpet (RIMC) was developed by Witching Hour Studios who also created the Ravenmark series. Created the games in a little island called Singapore, I was lucky enough to have my hands on RIMC early thanks to Witching Hour Studios.

RIMC is a turn based tactical strategy game where you either control the Romites or the Breetle faction (they are bugs by the way) and duke it out to see who is the ultimate winner. The Campaign Story was quite short but fun for every single mission I went through. The units you were going to bring in were fixed, thus, you have to cleverly find a way to defeat the enemy in each missions.

People who are familiar with the Ravenmark games will find Romans In My Carpet an easy game to learn. RIMC may not be as difficult as Ravenmark but the number of strategies that the commander can do is pretty huge.

I am going to win, aren't I?

I am going to win, aren’t I?

The art in this game was pretty cute too. To be honest with you, I cannot bare to send my army of Romites to battle against the Breetles because they were way too cute. Besides the cuteness, the environments around were pretty cool too. You were given a battlefield filled with Nachos or Nutella and from there, you strategize on how you can defeat your enemy using your surroundings to your advantage. What was even better was battling in a certain old game console and you can see spider webs everywhere in the game console. Seriously, who would ever use a dung as a Catapult’s ammunition? The Romites? oh…

I will always laugh when the army moves out and makes noise. The Breetles were funnier with their sound effects as compared to Romites. To actually know what kind of sounds they make in the game, its best if you buy it on your Apple devices and experience the fun first hand.

Also, it is a must to check out the codex in the game. It was hugely entertaining reading each and every unit in the game stated in the codex. It wasn’t the normal standard kind of codex, you have to read it to understand it.

Customizing your banners is possible but you have to pay extra to unlock more designs for your standards. Thus, if you do not care for these cosmetic items, you can just create your customized banners with the default ones.

I serve the house of Julii and I will Conquer these barbarians!

I serve the house of Julii and I will Conquer these barbarians!

RIMC will be out on the 28th May with a price tag of $3.98 in the App Store. This game is a MUST get for all casual and hardcore strategy gamers out there.

Note to Developers: RIMC has too many bugs in them. Huehuehueuhuehuehue