Insurgency is a tactical FPS game where if you choose to run and gun like in most shooters nowadays, you will only end up dead.

As a tactical game, you have no hp bar, armor bar or even a HUD to show your ammo count. It promotes realism just like ArmA did, even though Insurgency is less hardcore of a Tactical game as compared to ArmA. This is a fast paced game where you have to check your corners constantly because an insurgent may have passed your front line already and doing damage to your team. AI in this game is unforgiving. Most deaths I had was from RPG shots from the Insurgents (Coop mode). It frustrates me as much as I love it because enemy shots are so darn accurate as if they were players themselves but that is where the fun begins! With death being so easy here, this creates a good platform for people to actually communicate with each other in this game.

Insurgency In Game

So far, I have been really enjoying myself in the Coop missions together with my friends and it really made me not care about the PvP matches. To be honest, Coop is really enough for this game but there are multiple other modes that you may play.

Customisation in Insurgency is limited. each class only has around 3 or 4 weapons to choose from and the customisations of each weapons depends on your “supply”. Supply is the limit of equipments you can carry with you, for example tracer ammo has 0 supply and holographic sights carries 1 supply, this makes you choose what you want to carry and what you have to sacrifice and I love it!

Teamwork in Insurgency is a must for this game, thus, I recommend you buying a 4 pack if you have the chance. Insurgency is an awesome game, two thumbs up.