Reaper of Souls is an expansion Diablo fans have been looking forward to. It continues the great story from Diablo III and introduced us to the cool Angel of Death.

The story so far..
After defeating Diablo and freeing the High Heavens from evil, you, the Nephalem, are in Westmarch to help the innocents from the chaos of the reapers. You are the only one who can stop Malthael, thus, you go on a quest to defeat him.

Then, we were left in a cliffhanger ending, suggesting there may be another expansion coming for Diablo III (Which I suspect there will be but the dev cannot say anything during the interview).

Boss fights in this game felt like it was really a boss fight after all. Unlike going against Diablo,  who was a roll over even on Hard Difficulty but I realised I had trouble fighting some of the bosses in RoS because their attacks were just too painful for my character. It felt pretty awesome after fighting each boss for 5 min or more and then finally slaying them with only a little bit of health left on my Monk. One thing I have to say is that the boss fights are better than before.

Reaper of Souls Act V can take a player between 2 – 6 hours of gameplay depending on how fast you play. It took me for at least 4 hours to complete Act V since I was busy exploring dungeons and completing side missions. Still, it felt rather unsatisfying since the act was cut down into smaller parts and everything felt like it was too quick to end. It goes like this, I was stopping the dark crucibles, then I killed the general, met this certain lady and killed her and finally facing Malthael. That summed it all up for RoS act V. I was hoping for a deeper story for Act V but there was not.

Luckily, there’s an adventure mode introduced in RoS. Adventure mode is a set of bounty or quests set around the world of Diablo where players can enjoy fighting tougher enemies in dungeons together with your friends while completing quests. Rare items like blood shards can be found by playing Adventure mode and completing bounties.

Now what do I do with the gold without the auction house?
You can hoard it till you have millions or you can spend it in Enchantments, Transmogrify, crafting or just save it for a rainy day. Now, in RoS, you can change the stats of you weapons or armor with the enchantments if you are not happy about it. One new feature I liked was the Transmogrify. It was the changing of your armor skins to another one of your choice for a set of gold.

Also, Reaper of Souls should not have a price tag of USD$39.99, or SGD$50 (around there), RoS should have been sold for far less. Even $19.99 sounds about right. I felt that the amount of content available together with the price tag did not match. It is just an honest opinion and concern from a fellow gamer.

If you are anticipating something big for RoS, do not be. Story in Act V was not all that interesting like in the original Diablo III. Not much of a change in the enemy minions but the skins and how they attack.
However, the plus side is the adventure mode where you can play challenges with your friends and complete bounties together. Loot drops are more than ever, I constantly need to go back to town just to salvage my items and lighten the burden before going back into the dungeons. Gameplay and new skills looked pretty cool and useful so far.

Finally, RoS is a great expansion for Diablo III despite its flaws but to have a price tag of $39.99 is just a no from me. Without the concern for the price tag, I would say its worth getting it.