With the upcoming Reaper Of Souls expansion releasing this coming 25th, I decided to dive deep into Tristram.

When this game came out and Torchlight II soon after, many things between the two games were heavily compared, graphics, gameplay, loot, environments and many more.

Diablo III definitely have stunning graphics and environments that I can stare at for hours and hours because everything looked so well done. The colour and the art of Diablo III is pretty awesome and while this game is pretty, the combat is solid.

Combat in this game is pretty much like almost any other Action RPG games you may have played, click and hold for your character to run and shift click to attack and all that. Skills combinations and more were the ones that I find interesting most. Many times have I opened the skills menu to change the skill sets and rune combination to take a look at different skill combos I can do and this is certainly creative.

Characters in Diablo III is certainly easy to level. It took me less than 6 hours to grind my way through from level 1 to level 35. Level 60 is the maximum one can go for now but there are Paragon levels which will never make you stop wanting to level.

Story in Diablo III is better than most. Honestly, I find Diablo III’s story and lore to be a little bit more exciting compared to Torchlight II. The story and cinematic in this game were the ones that I am also excited about sometimes. Usually, I’ll just skip the texts but for Diablo III, I was listening and reading it instead of skipping it entirely.

Diablo III is a great game to have and it is even better that it is still on sale now! If you have yet to get D3 and Reaper Of Souls, then, its time for you to get it now at $19.99.