This may be the best game suited for hardcore strategist out there. It is simple enough to learn the mechanics of the game but its hard to master it (just like Starcraft as well).

Trouble is brewing in the world of Eclisse and you, the head of a band of mercenaries, will determine Eclisse’s future. Playing Ravenmark: Mercenaries on my Samsung S2 phone brings back the memories of myself still active in the Warhammer 40k board game.

Why? One word: Codex.

Ravenmark’s codex is filled with so many information that it took me hours just to finish reading every single one of them. It would have been better if each brigades who are in the same nation have a slightly different background rather than giving the same thing for all 4 Tellion brigades for example.

It does not really matter which side you choose to start with because, eventually, you can buy brigades belonged to other nations and create the division of your dreams.

Different nation’s brigades play differently. Like the Varishah, they rely a lot on their support units to create havoc at enemy’s flanks while the rest of their army advances and deliver the final blow.

Still, Tellion based brigades are my current personal favourite. ;)


Contracts are split into 3 kinds of contracts, Minor Contracts, Major Contracts and Border Skirmishes.
Minor Contracts will provide you with the results straight away after completion without combat at all.
Major Contracts are rare with scenarios and story elements  coming into play. These are the most challenging one thus far.
Border Skirmishes are just contracts for players to refine their strategic minds and test their mettle against an AI opponent. The difficulty rises as players complete more Skirmishes within a week before resetting to the default difficulty.

Ravenmark is indeed a free app and it can purely be free if you have the patience and time for the game. Real world money can be used to buy silver or lodestones, with lodestones being more valuable since players can recruit mercenary brigades using lodestones only. However, no worries, the gold you earned can be turned into lodestones too.

No brigade is stronger than the other, all are of equal strength, it just goes back to the question of how capable are you as the commander?

Ravenmark: Mercenaries is a game that is hard to stop playing once players pick it up. I know I have been playing it everyday since I downloaded it days back. This game receives my two thumbs up!