This game being the third installment in the Batman Arkham series, you would expect it to be great like the first 2 in the series. Sadly, it disappoints. With the first 2 games developed by Rocksteady studios, this game was developed by Warner Bros Games Montreal, proving that they are able to follow up the series without a hitch.

Batman Arkham City Assets Reused

Going around Gotham City and if you’ve played Batman Arkham City, you would recognized that most of the map is being reused in Arkham Origins. One question I would like to pose is why reuse Arkham City map? Yes, I wouldn’t have said anything about the combat system and how the game works as they are perfect for the game. However, they could have done something about the world that they threw the player in. Another issue is that there isn’t any civilian in ‘Gotham City’. The game gives the excuse that with the criminals out on the streets, all civilians are hiding in their homes. However, the streets are way too barren and everywhere you go, it just feels boring.

Absence of the ‘wow’ factor

In the first 2 installments, there was something to make the player surprised. However, in this game, there is nothing to make the player interested in what’s going on as the villians that were presented in the game were not as action packed as Arkham City. This really disappointed me as I felt bored while playing the game, which has not happened before when I played the first 2 games.

Restriction on fast travel

Unlike the previous games, there was the option for fast travel, but there is a tradeoff. Remember far cry 3, Assassins Creed 4 where you have to destroy something so that you can do fast travel? This game requires you to go to each radio tower in the region to hack Enigma’s network so that you will be able to fast travel with the batwing. In my opinion, this is quite a stupid move as it restrict the players from being able to do things that are more interesting.

What’s good about the game?

  • Newly implemented evidence scanner

What is interesting about this game is that it remembers Batman as a detective, where they emphasize his detective skills at crime scenes. Throughout the game the player will go through a few crime scenes where they have to solve the problems with the newly implemented evidence scanner. Gone with the old evidence scanner where batman only scans the room for evidence and stops there. Now, there is the option to rewind the crime in progress and find clues as you look for more evidences.

  • Skill tree

The leveling up system provides the player with one point per leveling up, where the player will be able to upgrade either the ballistic armor or the combat armor and when you upgrade to a certain point on either one of the skill tree, you will be able to get new combat skill for combat or movement around the city.


With a weak storyline and reused assets that were taken from Arkham City, I suggest not buying the game even if there’s a sale on Steam. The streets are barren and boring. There was nothing much to do besides beating up criminals on the streets and the villians aren’t interesting enough to engage the players further.