The very first time I heard about Quest For Destiny was during STGCC. Fortunate enough for my friends and I, we met one of the creators for the game and he explained how the game works.

If you like Simple and Quick game, then my friend, this might just be one of the many games you may want to check out.

However, let me start off with with the bad points for Quest For Destiny, it would have been great if there were some sort of measuring equipment where we can use for the start of the game. Basically, we need those to actually place our heroes before starting the game.

Individual character designs are nice, I like Pugilist the best in terms of design, but I wish there was more of design at the background of the card or even a little backstory about each hero available but these are really just minor things to really consider.

Heroes are also just mainly for show and no powers but everything changed recently thanks to Destiny Makers who kindly posted their abilities and powers on this Google Docs.

This game is meant for group games. I said its simple to play, quick to learn the rules, yet, fun to play! You see, playing this game when there’s 2 people is fun but playing with/against other 5 can be chaotic. It is the backstabbing, fragile alliances and card draws that makes everything so much fun to play.

The thought of having fun with my friends playing this, is the reason why I bought Quest For Destiny straight away after trying it out once. Never failed to bring smiles to my friends and I whenever we play it during our lunch break besides “The Package”.

One more thing, cards in the card deck seems to be sturdy and of fine quality. Mine is still in good condition after months of playing it.

People who follow AGN knows that we fo not usually give scores for reviews but I can say this, its worth your money and time. Play it with your group of friends or even your family! It is easy to learn, simple to play and fun all the way. :D