You see, the boring thing about GTA V is that the game have too many redundancies. Not that I hate GTA V, I don’t love it either.

Grand Theft Auto V follows the 3 main protagonist, Michael, Trevor & Franklin. I like the trio especially when they get together, Trevor have this sarcastic remarks against Michael, Michael treats Franklin like a son and more. However, throughout the entire game, the trio get together for not even a quarter of it. Having many individual stories for each character is fine but I would have preferred the trio being together and doing some great heists although we have Payday 2 for that :P.

Combat in the game is the awesome sauce in the game. It felt as though it was using the old GTA controls but just better. Shooting feels great but getting shot feels greater. Sometimes, you die way too early while enjoying the gunfight but that’s the beauty of it, you don’t just run around spraying bullets like some immortal god, you do that and you will die a lot. Thank god for the cover system in GTA V.

GTA V Franklin

What the redundancies are then? Basically, before performing heists, as a player, you are supposed to get all the things that are going to be used in the heist. For example, you are to collect a getaway vehicle, masks and guns, you have to pick them all by yourself. Would have been nice if you could have ordered your AI buddies to do that for you while you get the rest. Sadly, there isn’t any option.

The map in GTA V is huge. You can easily complete one round around the outer roads surrounding the map within 5 min but it can take a whole lot more time just exploring the map.

GTA Online was something refreshing in the GTA series, now, you can create a character to your liking and gain reputation by doing some heists and more together with your friends. This is also a relief to me since it proved that there are worse drivers in the GTA Online world than me.

All in all, GTA V is fun only from the 2nd half of the story mode since that is when all the stuff happens and only bullets can save yourself. While you have no real objective in the Online portion either, you will just get bored of it pretty soon, or, you can play with your friends and have fun along the way. This is just an ‘okay’ game for me after all.