Deep inside me, I felt that Battlefield 4 was a really expensive expansion pack for Battlefield 3.

Let me start with the Multiplayer because let’s be honest, most of us bought BF4 for its online games.

Sure thing that there were differences in between these two games but at the most part, it felt as though it was Battlefield 3 all over again. The vehicles seemed different, they need to be handled differently from BF3, which actually took sometime for me to get used to the new vehicle controls.

Now, there are multiple orders you are able to issue to teammates and squadmates. For example, like the simple command “go go go” or even “I need ammo” can be accessed through the order menu.


The use of guns felt pretty similar with BF3 for the most part.

Different game modes are available from the start. Unlike in BF3 where different game modes were introduced only in expansions, I am finally glad that they implemented more varieties of game modes with Obliteration being my new favourite game mode.

One big thing I was not happy about was the squad system in-game. You may or may not squad up in Battlelog with your friends and then play together but for a lazy person like me, I would have loved to have a squad invite button back. I am still wondering why they removed that away for the console (I play on the PS3 btw).

More destruction and chaos in BF4 compared to BF3. The maps may be larger in BF4 but the amount of chaos and action was as much as playing in a Team Deathmatch game. This, I was impressed. Imagine, having a full server, explosions everywhere, debris flying all over the map, fire, dead bodies, rain droplets and my 5 years old (or older) PS3 just ran this game smoothly without any frame drop at all except for one time throughout my entire 10+ hours of gameplay.


Now, to go into the single Single player aspect of the game.
BF4’s story and action was definitely better than in BF3. Explosions everywhere and a lot of expected moments in the mission, for example, getting shot down by a helicopter while peacefully sitting in the tram car, explosions at moments where you expect it to happen and all. It was not something special but it was not boring either. Characters in the game were more dynamic compared to the previous game. I hate Irish (campaign character… Not you Irish people).

Battlefield 4 is a really fun game if you are a newcomer although it has a steep learning curve for newbies to come and join the multiplayer. This is also a really expensive expansion pack for BF3 if you are thinking of getting it.

Since there were no real ‘wow’ in the game or even ‘s**t’ in the game, I think I will say that this game is above average if you are familiar with BF3. Can definitely be fun to newcomers though. Now what are you waiting for? Go and level some buildings!