Over the months I’ve been increasingly ambivalent over video games on Kickstarter. I still believe in crowdfunding and love what’s been put out so far, but I’ve yet to see enough releases to warrant a high level of excitement. Granted, it’s still early to tell and besides, that’s not really why we’re here today. Let’s talk about a different kind of warrant: Precinct.

A new Kickstarter project has rolled into view and yes indeed, it’ll be a reboot of sorts for a classic franchise. Precinct is a police adventure game led by none other than Jim Walls, the man who brought us Sierra’s Police Quest series during the publisher’s glory days. Walls is taking a different approach this time, going for a first-person real-time 3D game for your street patrolling career.

According to the pitch, Precinct “features a gripping crime story based on true accounts of real police cases. As players clean up the crime ridden streets, the plot thickens with corrupt cops, greedy public officials, and a deadly struggle for control of Fraser Canyon’s criminal underground.”

With former police officer Jim Walls at the writing helm, he’ll be joined by Executive Producer Robert Lindsley, Art Director Scott Butler and Production Director Jason Crawford; all of whom are veterans in the industry. Precinct will be developed by the Jim Walls Reloaded studio and is built upon the Unity3D engine, releasing digitally in 2014 for PC and Mac. Additional platform support will rely on stretch goals and the minimum pledge to acquire a copy is US$30 (SG$38).

Precinct -- Kicktraq Mini

I’m just glad to see a spiritual successor to Police Quest finally come around. Since they’re planning this as a series spanning five games it’s smart that they’ve gone the marketable route of a first-person 3D adventure. Interestingly enough, we don’t see a lot of games that put you behind the wheel of a patrol car (no, Need for Speed doesn’t count) which I find rather unfortunate; I quite enjoy the notion of upholding good without being Dredd or Batman from time to time.

Sounds like there’ll be an interesting premise too, so no countless hours of driving around and responding to the less exciting aspects of law enforcement. Here’s hoping they keep failure states found in the Police Quest games because those are too entertaining to leave out.

Pledge your support over at Kickstarter but remember that this isn’t a pre-order, so do some reading up of your own too.