Remember Sniper Elite V2? Yes, it is that game  about being the sharpshooter set in the World War 2 era going around and getting headshots from a fair distance. The game is usually compared to the other game about sniping, Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

Anyway, back to the topic, there seems to be a stand-alone expansion pack or a DLC or a new title for the Sniper Elite game. The teaser for the game shows only the main character running away from zombies.

Apparently, the character will be in a place called ‘Tortarum’ where the undead rule and take over the city. Here is what the description in the teaser says

Debuting 14th February 2013, PC fans will soon get the chance to discover for themselves just what is in store for those brave enough to venture into the ‘Totraum’.

Enough with the words, we’ll just let you enjoy the teaser and  ponder about the possibilities that may come out in the coming title, Sniper Elite Zombies. Not to mention, get your QR Code app on your phone ready because there is one code at the end of the teaser. Enjoy.