“From the creator of Monkey Island and the developer of Psychonauts.” Those words unveil on-screen towards the end of the trailers, seeing fit to remind you of the game’s pedigree — for fans of adventure games, man what a pedigree it is. Talking about another Double Fine game feels strange but when you think about it, there’s also Double Fine Adventure and the prototypes of Amnesia Fortnight in the works so maybe I shouldn’t feel that surprised after all. This is, of course, about Ron Gilbert’s The Cave; and if you clicked that to visit the website, you’ll be in for a little surprise yourself.

“If you enjoy rappelling, spelunking and dark rocky caverns then be prepared to be disappointed! And then intrigued. And then AMAZED. And then disappointed again, but only for a minute. Then relieved, amused, bewildered, excited and satisfied. In that order.”

Even their press releases are funny.

So what is The Cave? It’s an adventure game (naturally) but infused with a few different gameplay elements. There’s no point-and-clicking involved so you’ll be moving around on a 2.5D level doing some platforming and solving puzzles. What self-respecting adventure game wouldn’t have puzzles?

“The concept of The Cave has been bouncing around in my head for many, many years, and then the little voices that tell me to do things said it was time to make the game,” said Gilbert.

There isn’t a demo or anything of the sort online but there were builds presented during E3 and PAX Prime — the press had nothing short of praise for it. Obviously a contained version for public demonstration is in no way representative of the final product, but it does look and sound promising.

Details are being kept under wraps but they have recently released the second character trailer for it. I’ve included both!

To further cement the fact that the cave is a sentient thing, it was actually reached for comment and had this to say: “There are those who say I’m not rooting for everyone who ventures down here but that’s not true. Not true at all. But I’m also not above a good chuckle when someone falls in lava.”

The Cave is published by SEGA for PC and consoles, and according to the second trailer will be out next month! I can’t wait.

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Character Trailer #2: GamesRadar