Update: I stated that Cieslewicz had experience with directing gaming-related films. This is incorrect; instead, he directed several episodes of the TV series Confab, which does have gaming and other pop culture references in it. Still, it seems to be in good hands. (18 Dec)

There aren’t many video gaming documentaries, is there? Quite the contrary, actually. Thanks to PixelProspector there’s quite a long list of them and now I have lots of online sourcing to do — I may just share my results if there’s demand. Competitions almost always provide good material for a documentary so that’s just what Die Noobs is setting out to do. It’s not about a FPS game either, as the title somewhat suggests; it’s about StarCraft II.

The documentary’s director is Erik Cieslewicz, an Edward R. Murrow Award winner for investigative journalism and other accolades. Describing his vision for Die Noobs, Cieslewicz said, “If Rocky and The Office and Reddit made love, it would be this film: accessible, funny and a little geeky.”

Like “Rocky”, the film will follow its subjects since the start of their careers: “Babyjinx” and “Anubis” will jump straight into a pro-gaming lifestyle, getting tips from “some of the top pro gamers across the globe”. If you like “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” or “Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade” then chances are you’ll be liking this one too. Music will be provided by YouTube hits Pinn Panelle and various other artists.

Die Noobs Teaser on Vimeo.

Personally I think there isn’t enough film coverage on a modern and fast-growing eSports scene so I’m really looking forward to how this turns out. The most recent we’ve had was Valve’s The International and even that I lamented for being too short. Here’s hoping Die Noobs sports a feature-length running time once it’s released in December 2013.

Source: Press Release