Generals! Are you searching for honour and glory? Do you want to decimate all your enemies? Are you up for a challenge? Then go ahead and venture north beyond the wall, I mean, border, to Malaysia and rip the competition apart in a Warhammer 40,000 (6th Ed) tournament. Legio Malaysia stands ready, so what are you waiting for?

[Amended: We reported that there will be prizes for the tournament, which is actually not true. Apologies for the error!]

“The Chosen” 40K Tournament will commence December 15th 2012 at Battlefront Miniatures Malaysia, an actual manufactorum! Your army is only allowed to carry 1,500 worth of points to go against other chapters and races, and there’s a registration fee of RM$30 (SG$12+). It’s a first come, first served basis for the 26 tournament slots, after which they’ll begin accepting people for a reserves list.

All participants are expected to bring their own original copy of their rulebook, as well as an original copy of the Codex their army list is drawn from. No more than 1500 points may be spent on your army. Army lists must follow all restrictions on army selection from their own Codex. No appendix lists will be permitted. Special Characters are permitted, provided they follow the normal restrictions laid out in their Codex. Fortifications from the main rulebook will NOT be used for this tournament.

To register for the event, a general must meet these requirements first:

  1. Your full name
  2. A clear copy of your army list that shows your selections broken down by HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support. Point values must be shown for all selections and wargear taken. The army list must not exceed 1500 points, but may be lower if you wish.
  3. A valid email address we can contact you at.
  4. RM 30 Tournament Fee
  5. Your standard tshirt size (S, M, L, etc.). You will be given a tshirt on the day of the tournament IF you register prior to November 16th. This shirt is exclusively for tournament competitors.

Our Malaysian battle-brothers have kindly provided an information packet full of vital information, so it’s highly recommended that you read it. It features everything from tournament  rules and restrictions to registration information and judging criteria.
Info Pack

Check out the official announcement here: