The famous Warhammer table-top game was set in a really rich universe and to reach out to other types of players who does not play any table-top game, a new type of game was needed. Hence, Warhammer: Invasion was made. The objective was simple, burn two of the three sides of the enemy’s base to win. The game itself was rather straightforward and different races played differently. The difference between races were visible because if you play using the Orks, the units are cheap to deploy and they need to constantly attack the enemy from the beginning, while, the empire has a slower style of play where you need to build your foundations first before you attack.

Members of Survival SG came down to Gamersaurus Rex to try this game out. Mainly because we are fans of Warhammer, hence, we were curious at the type of game that Warhammer’s name was involved.

From left: Daryl, Ade Putra “Mayonade”, Faris “Garet”, Geng Bai and Wei Song

Now let us start with the Impressions of this game. Many will expect something big since it was made from the famous Games Workshop. However, I feel that this Warhammer Invasion was just a step into the casual game area. Usually played as a 1-vs-1 game, this game was fun and the competitive level was quite high too. However, like any other Casual games out there, you may tend to get bored after playing for an hour or so. Usually we limit ourselves from playing more than 3 rounds.

I loved playing as the Orks race as they went with the tactic of constantly bashing and destroying enemy’s gates to limit their foundation, gaining an advantage in the early stages of the round or to simply win the game early. My opponent (also my friend) tried using the Empire against my Orks, the Empire crushed the Orks in the later stages of the game because my skirmishes were not inflicting a lot of damage.

The thing I loved about this game is that different races carry different tactics to win. The Orks with their skirmishes, Empire with their building of foundations, Vampire Count army uses its necromancy to recall the dead and the Chaos with the use of the heavy cost, heavy damage system. I have not tried some races just yet such as the Chaos army or the Empire itself.

The game goes that, you can recruit as many units as you want onto the battlefield provided if you have the gold for it. Players can put down only one foundation per turn. Foundations are basically the ‘protection’ to your gates so it does not get burnt down quickly. This is one great strategy generals usually implement to prolong their chance of winning even more.

In this game, anything can happen. I was the one with the superior number compared to the enemy yet I lost to the mighty Empire because I was careless and let my opponent build his foundations and resources. As a result, my opponent dealt a devastating blow to my base with his forces even though they were lesser in numbers. The big rectangular cards on the table you see were actually representing your base. The skull icons you see on the Empire’s base actually represent the damage a gate received.

Personally, I feel that this kind of game is good for introducing card gamers into the world of Warhammer. It may play and looked like it is a casual game but it packs a lot for competitive gameplay. I hope that Games Workshop will come out with a Warhammer 40,000 version of this game. This game was made by Fantasy Flight Games.