In the far future, sometime between the invention of hoverboards and the rise of our ape masters, roams a man by the name of Kenshiro. Now, you’ll recognise him for his large, muscled arms and his unique fashion sense. When you do see him, then it’ll be in everyone’s best interest to not piss him off. Doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, because once he gets angry it might as well be the apocalypse all over again. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2, coming February 2013, will show you why.

Ken’s Rage 2  introduces new story arcs, characters and game modes.

Legend mode, follows the storyline of the entire manga, starting with a re-imagined version of ‘Raoh’ and covering ‘Celestial Emperor’ and ‘Land of Shura’. This faithful adaptation ensures that this mode can be enjoyed by both fans of the manga and new comers to Kenshiro’s post-apocalyptic world. Different characters will be controlled for each episode while ‘boss’ encounters will feature entire famous scenes from the manga, recreated in intricate detail.

Over 20 playable characters will be available, including Falco, Shachi, Shew and Juza.

Dynamic new moves.  The destructive power of the techniques of Hokuto Shinken and Nanto Seiken meet the intense action of the Warriors series to produce a thrilling experience. In addition to the signature moves of the first title, new actions such as ‘sprint’ and ‘dodge’ have been added to the move sets.

Dream Mode introduces new, original storylines to the Fist of the North Star Universe while bridging the gaps between parts of the main story, often focusing on some of the series’ minor characters.

Online Co-Op and Versus play. For the first time, Dream Mode will be playable in co-op or versus play via the internet.

It sounds like a good opportunity to get involved in the Hokuto no Ken universe, at any rate. The manga has been popularised by it’s graphic violence — a result of Kenshiro’s mastery of internal arts — and has spawned a pretty large following, especially in Japan. As for the first game, it received generally mixed reviews across the board. Perhaps the trailer and some gameplay footage will help you decide.

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 
is developed for the PS3, Xbox 360 (February 2013) and the WiiU (TBA). Personally I’ve gotten tired of the Warriors  series of games but I’m sure there are plenty of fans all over.  I’m also wondering if there’ll be a DLC where Ken finally breaks his wrist, or the swathes of henchmen go on strike. Hmm, I guess he’ll just kick them all anyway.

Source: Press Release