The fine artisans of Forge World have transmitted a new video showcasing four pre-Heresy Space Marine legions in glorious super pixels. While not set on a scale as massive as the previous Battle of Isstvan III video, it’s certainly by no means less impressive. Making dramatised appearances are the Sons of Horus, the Emperor’s Children, the Death Guard and, of course, the World Eaters. Bedecked in power armour that oozes a beauty heightened by antiquity, these chiselled traitors stride the battlefield accompanied by Dreadnoughts and other engines of war.

It’s a good look at what all those pre-Heresy kits look like when they come together, and to be perfectly honest I’ve always been smitten by Forge World’s goods — what they end up looking like, anyway. Their push into recapturing this historic period includes a book, titled The Horus Heresy: Book One — The Betrayal, not to be confused with Black Library’s older Horus Heresy Visions. I’m still eager to see whether they address the fall of Mars because the Mechanicum still holds lots of untapped modelling potential, loyal or otherwise. It’ll all culminate on Terra of course but I hope Forge World takes their time since there’s so many big moments in-between. Prospero? Calth? Yeah, this is huge.


Source: YouTube