Not too long ago, there was a tournament where generals will bring their army at a 1000 worth of points and battle it out in a ladder format where the person with the highest points win. There were 10 people in total who took part in the tournament held at Gamersaurus Rex.

Different set of tables housed different environments for players. The environments were perfectly painted to give the feel it had to give. Like a forested area looks so green on the table or a war-torn city which gave that grave emotions.

Something interesting in this tournament was the number of new faces taking part in the tournament done by Gamersaurus Rex. Not only there were new faces in the tournament but also people who have not been seen ever since the 4th ed in Warhammer 40k made a comeback into the series.

I got to ask a few questions to the newcomers of the Warhammer universe and also the the returning generals about why the interest in the famous Table Top game and what made them interested.

There were Pat and Fauzi who went against each other in the tournament. Not only that, both of them used to work together in a school as teachers, though now they are separated. It was heart warming for me to see that even close friends got to find out each other’s interests in the Table Top game. There were familiar faces in the tournament as well as new faces. This, I hope, may have brought the competitors together.

The major highlight were actually the painted units done by both the newcomers and the veterans. Though the painting may not have completely finished for the tournament, they were well assembled and painted. Fauzi did a really great job of replacing part of his tank with cardboard piece. The interesting part was, it looked so neat and well done that nobody could’ve figured out that it was made of cardboard.

Fauzi and Suhaimi are players who started playing Warhammer 40,000 ever since the 2nd Ed. Even some of their units seemed to be the models from the ancient days and still rocking on the battlefield. Another newcomer named Gerard had mostly Assault Marines with jump packs in the tournament. The models he had were amazingly painted though some squads looked very unique from others.

When Pat and Fauzi played against each other, I was interested in seeing the bad dice rolls and the tactics they try to pull off during the game. Good job made by them! :)

There were a few prizes given away to the competitors and here were the results:

1st prize $50 cash voucher

2nd prize $35 cash voucher

3rd prize $20 cash voucher

Best Painted Models
Wei Jia

Lucky Draw