What is The Package? It looks like another ordinary card game. Who made it? It does not look fun at all.
It LOOKS like it but please continue reading this post.

Windy evening, calm waves hitting the coast like any other normal day, the tide was rising and the sun was setting beautifully over the horizon. After cycling around East Coast Park with my group of friends and returning the rented bike, we found a good shaded spot that had lots of breezes. I took out The Package and my friends took a second to look at it and then they asked me what was this game about or was it fun, so on and so forth. I just kept quiet and started shuffling the 60 cards and distributed a few to each individual.

The objective is simple: grab and hold the package until the game ends. It’s a game of everyone against everyone — you can trust no one and no one can trust you. Each player in the game is an A.G.E.N.T and our only objective was to retrieve The Package and not have any other A.G.E.N.Ts in the field grab hold of it. You win when you have The Package card in your hands and the deck is depleted of cards.

Sounds simple enough? Not when you have 2 – 4 other players against you. Whoever has the best poker face can hide the truth very well from the rest or if you play smart, you can steal The Package from another player. Is it fun? Let’s see what my friends have to say about it.

Jedidiah Chia said, “It’s a fun and refreshing game that can make you lose track of time”.

Chia Xin Hui said, “It’s not really addictive maybe because I had to read all the words in the Action and Reaction cards before I play but it’s good for wasting time”.

For me personally, I find it fun for a get together or casual gaming to spend time with your family members or your friends. The game is really simple but we just started playing this game, thus we had to constantly read cards that seem new, dragging the time a little. The game can go from 10 – 30mins depending on how many players there are.

It’s really entertaining for a group of friends to sit down and have a casual game of The Package. All the secrecy and trying to steal cards from your opponent’s hands can make the whole group just smile and laugh together.

Whoever wishes to try out The Package can head down to Gamersaurus Rex. I’m very sure that our friends working there will be more than willing to help you, especially since The Package is a game developed by them! Head there and you can find out more.

Written By Garet139