In a wildly successful attempt at making a vast portion of Warhammer 40,000 fans feel inadequate in one way or another, Forge World unleashed one beast of a diorama at Games Day UK this year. The crafty folk have done us the favour of doing a studio shoot to better allow us to appreciate the details and scale of it all, because frankly if you built something like that, you’d want to show it off too.

Treat your eyes with the video below but 40K generals be warned: this will be a huge strain on your psychological, financial and interpersonal well-being. BRACE YOURSELVES!

Surprisingly there isn’t any focus on Angron, who can be seen charging through the breach but nothing else beyond that. For a primarch and a new release model, you’d think they would put him in the spotlight for a while longer. Luckily for us there’s a bunch of close-up photos up on the product page as well.

Mighty impressive work there Forge World, mighty impressive work indeed. Perhaps the fall of Mars next?