Activision dropped the launch trailer for CoD: Black Ops II but there’s just one problem: the game doesn’t release until next month.

One would normally assume that such trailers accompany the game’s launch, hence the term “launch trailer”. But just what’s going on here? A month early? Is Activision hinting at an early release? Or is this a hidden metaphor for rebellion, representative of the game’s plot where control over advanced war drones is lost? Or maybe it’s just a marketing ploy aimed to increase hype? Or maybe it’s a warning that robots are  going to rise up against their human masters, plunging the world into an age of apocalyptic chaos and “hasta la vista baby”‘s.

Yes, that’s probably it. I suggest everyone keep an eye on their appliances — who knows what nefarious plans these machines plot in the dead of night while we sleep? Imagine one day finding the toaster oven burning everything and the fridge melting all your ice cubes; the TV that refuses to switch channels; the router that refuses to turn on. The horror!

Right, that should be enough text. There’s really not much to say here: Black Ops II is the ninth installment in the Call of Duty franchise and the first in its line to thrust the series into the future. It’s the logical next step for the brand, seeing how there’s now an abundance of WWII or modern military shooters. This does bring up the question of what CoD IV will bring or if there’ll even be  one in the first place. (My money is on yes.)

The game will feature the iconic ‘zombies mode’ but more interesting is Treyach’s plans for making Black Ops II an eSports title. In addition to a number of gameplay revisions — such as changing Kill Streaks into Score  Streaks — aimed at making the game more team-oriented, they’re also implementing a new matchmaking and live-streaming system to promote  Black Ops’s viability as a competitive game. It all sounds fresh and exciting, coming from a series that’s gained notoriety for rehashing the same game every year.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be released on November 13 in the US and is developed for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 as well as the WiiU. Oh and here’s the trailer — there’s guns and shooting and frickin’ AC/DC.